Dev kumar

Hello, I am Dev, I am a tech enthusiast , I love to learn and develop new things rather than being trapped inside books. I believe that nothing teaches a human better than practical exposure of that subject in which he is majoring. The fields in which I am currently active is coding, app dev. , animations and game development.
Besides studying I had great interest in travelling and Drawing. The main source of motivation for me is to see myself as a an successful computer scientist and engineer in coming future. To achieve this dream I am working everyday.

India with a population more than 130 crores has major population of youth in it as compared to rest of the world, when it comes to Game development India is one of the biggest market for selling gaming consoles, pc parts, gaming laptops, smartphones etc.

Since, recent years the trend…

Dev kumar

Hello my name is Dev, I am currently pursuing my engineering in IT field. I love to learn new skills and develop different practical things from them.

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